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New Pope Today…

March 14, 2013


Today the Catholic world has a new leader. I applaud the swift and sure way the cardinals came to this decision. Too bad the media has no story about a modern pope that is going to change the face of Catholicism into something more accepting of social norms. Did anybody really expect a pope that would be a champion of gay marriage, abortion and women in the priesthood? That church already exists. It’s called the Episcopal church. I understand that some people are heredity Catholics and want to carry on that family tradition. But religion is suppose to be an instrument of principle and personal faith. If that religion doesn’t subscribe to your principles and faith, then find one that does. The Catholic church has not left society, society has left the Catholic church. The church has always been the same. Why should they sacrifice their principles when so many other choices exist for those who don’t agree with the Catholic stance on issues?  Let me reiterate my former declaration. I am not a Catholic. I am a Mormon. I would love if everyone in the world was a Mormon but what our church has to offer doesn’t fit into everyone’s set of principles. That’s okay. But I wouldn’t want my church to relax it’s principles just because society is different than it used to be. That would alienate me and millions of other Mormons around the world. The same goes for Catholics. If the Catholic church suddenly decided to be more accepting of society’s norms, that would alienate many other Catholics who subscribe to the conservative social principles the church has always taught.


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  1. dloback2013 permalink

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    Stacy well put article but misleading. Will this pope be any different then the rest? More then likely NO. Your reasoning behind the faith accept the new social norms? The answer is No Big Box religion will accept the new social norms as it goes against everything it stands for. Same sex marriage being the key argument for that. Its just a sad reality that religion and some peoples beliefs will not mix.

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    Yes, a new Pope is upon us. From the history his biography, a humble man who especially believes in helping the poor. The Catholic church has been on some interesting scrutiny. And rightfully so. I can’t say that society wants the church to give up their principle; however, acts against children are very devestating to say the least. Hopefully the new Pope will guide the Catholic masses, to include members of the clergy, to a reformed state to better assist them in their paths.

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